Glass-drinking straw, no engraving,15 cm

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Sip in style and enjoy plastic-free!
Glass drinking straws without engraving. Elegant, sturdy, ecological, reusable, dishwasher safe. Manufactured in Germany. 15 cm length. (Drinking glass is not included)

No more plastic!

Reusable glass drinking straws:

  • Flavor-neutral
  • Sustainable
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Break-proof
  • Easy cleaning in the dishwasher
  • High quality
  • Fair production and working conditions


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150 mm length.
9 mm diameter, 5 mm inner diameter.

Product details

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  • Reusable, Eco-Friendly, Durable
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
  • BPA Free, Non-Porous and Hypo-Allergenic
  • Taste Neutral- glass does not add any flavour nor it absorbs anything from the food or drink making it an excellent carrier and is easy to clean.
  • Great with Hot or Cold drinks
  • Reduces teeth staining, sensitivity and erosion
  • Made from Borosilicate glass which is the strongest commercially available

Special features

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To eliminate single-use plastic straws, we have sourced these beautiful glass drinking straws. These drinking straws have transparent thermal-glass and you can combine the straw with our cleaning brush, made from natural fibre sisal to clean the interior thoroughly. 

Our glassmaker is the only manufacturer of recyclable glass drinking straws in the world that controls the entire value chain, from fine sand to fine glass straws since over 25 years. Our glass straw has been developed with the greatest care to ultimately deliver a hygienic, resilient and sustainable product.